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Brian H.

BMC is definitely the right place whether you're just a beginner looking to learn meditation or an experienced meditator looking to improve your technique.

They provide a personalized session at no charge, which is guided by the resident monks. The location is very conducive for meditation and the surroundings are calm and peaceful, with occasional birds chirping outside. During my 60-minute session, I had very little to no discomfort. The location is a bit secluded and far from the city noises, but you can take the K4B bus, alight at Sukawati Art Market, and then walk for less than a mile.

If you're a Buddhist like me, like any other Dhammakaya branch around the world, at BMC you can also do meal offerings every day to the monks and other special activities such as Kathina or Vesak ceremonies. Overall I really had a very pleasant experience here. Thank you P'Rose & P'Ped for welcoming me!


Sarah and Thomas

Our experience at the BMC was absolutely wonderful. We got a warm welcome and enjoyed our personal adjusted retreat a lot. We learned about the principles of mediation and how we can deepen our practice from Nena and Rose as well as from the Monks. Together with good food and lovely conversations, this was an unforgettable retreat.

Graham Sullivan

“The Bali Meditation Center is a sanctuary of peace and serenity. The daily classes have helped me in my journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The monks are warm and friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at home."

Ridone ko

"Today is the auguration day of this Bali Meditation Centre. Very happy and blessed to have the opportunity to take part in the ceremony. Had a peaceful meditation and also celebrate Kathina day, which is an important Buddhist festival."

John Smith

“The Bali Meditation Center is truly a hidden gem. The daily classes have helped me find inner peace and tranquility. I highly recommend attending their Miracle of Mindfulness retreat, it was a life-changing experience!.”

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