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Meditation-Great masters

The Great Master


(Sodh Candasaro)​

The Re-discoverer of Dhammakaya meditation

         Famously known as Luang Por Wat Paknam or Phramongkothepmuni, Sodh Mikaewnoi was born on 10 October 1884 to a family of rice merchants in Songpinong District, Suphanburi a province 60 miles west of Bangkok, Thailand. He was the second born of five brothers and sisters. Sodh was an intelligent child with strong willpower and deep compassion. As the eldest son, it was his responsibility to take over his father's rice trading business at the young age of fourteen when his father passed away. 


He continued his father’s trade very successfully until one specific trading trip that served as a major turning point in his life. With all the rice sold, he headed home with a large sum of money. He took a detour through a remote canal that would allow him to reach his destination more quickly. However, most boatmen avoided this dreaded canal because it was often infested with pirates and bandits. As he was traveling the dangerous waters, the fear of death struck him.

Sodh knew the pirates would aim to attack the captain to gain control of the boat, so he ordered his crewman at the front to take his place at the helm. After giving this order, his guilty conscience chimed in as he thought: "I am the owner of the boat, and I have all the money. If someone should die, it should be me. Let the workers escape so they can live to take care of their families.


Ashamed of his initially selfish intentions, he called the crewmen back to the oars as they luckily steered their way through the canal without incident. Although he managed to avert a crisis, the whole episode left him with deep sorrow for his fellow men. He pondered over what he should do with his life and came to the conclusion that there was nothing more worthwhile for him to do than pursue a life of purity by becoming a monk. He made the resolution: "Please don't let me die before I have a chance to ordain. Once I take ordination, it will be for life."

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Sodh entered the monkhood in July 1906 at Songpinong Temple when he was 22 and was given the monastic name of Candasaro Bhikkhu. He began practicing meditation the next day and continued to do so until the last day of his life.


One day, on a bright full moon night during his 11th year in the monkhood, he went to the chapel at Bangkoowien Temple to meditate. Sitting in front of the main Buddha statue, he made the following resolution: "Upon this sitting, if I cannot attain even a small part of the Truth realized by the Lord Buddha, then I shall remain here unmoved until I perish. If I die, I will become a worthy example for people after me. "


Finally, he attained the most refined meditation experience. His meditation skills and mental
powers became so powerful that he became one of Thailand's most revered meditation masters.
He devoted his time and attention to practicing and teaching his meditation method to the general public.


Phramongkolthepmuni passed away in 1959 at the age of 75. He became one of the most revered Buddhist monks in Thailand's history. The meditation practice rediscovered by Phramongkolthepmuni has helped transform countless lives and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today.


The legacy of Luang Pu Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen lives on.

About Master

Nun Chand


Born in 1909 in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong transformed personal struggles into spiritual triumphs. Driven by a deep yearning to connect with her late father and reconcile past misunderstandings, she discovered the power of meditation. Her personal journey gave rise to the world's largest Buddhist temple, Wat Phra Dhammakaya, turning personal adversity into a beacon of hope for many. Today, her legacy inspires countless hearts seeking meaning and connection. Discover the spirit of a remarkable visionary, Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong, at BMC

Luang Por Dhammajayo

A Journey from Curiosity to Spiritual Guide

Imagine a young boy named Chaiyaboon, walking the bustling streets of Bangkok in 1944, his mind filled with questions about life and existence. This very boy, finding solace in the teachings of Buddhism during his years at Suan Kularb-high school, would later become the guiding light for many. After graduating with a BSc in Economics from Kasetsart University, Chaiyaboon's soul yearned for a deeper purpose. Answering this call, he was ordained in 1969 at Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, adopting the name "Dhammajayo" - symbolizing a life devoted to achieving "Victory through the Dhamma." His story reminds us of the profound journeys that reside within each of our hearts.

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